We've been really lucky this year to collaborate with Outhaus, a U.K. company making classic camping gear. We first met Ollie from the company through the guys at Hayburner Magazine, so we naturally bonded over our VW love. Since then though, I've discovered we both have a love for the open road and camping. 


We've had the Halvor awning on our van all year and have taken it all over the U.K. with a mixture of festivals, wild camping and campsites being used along the way. We mounted it directly on to the vintage roof rack from NLA VW Parts, but it can be mounted to any roof bars with the fitting kit supplied. We've seen them on modern vans and 4x4's too.


The awning itself is a simple design, but it is really well made. The aluminium construction provides a rigid frame with poles strengthening it. Guy ropes allow it to be pegged out when it's windy. The whole thing is set up in minutes (it's so easy), and once up gives you shelter from wind, rain or sunshine. It basically protects you from the confusing British weather! 


You can purchase extensions for the awning which give you even more shelter and storage. Outhaus have some great products available, check out their webshop now. 


This awning has been a godsend this summer and made our adventures so comfortable and relaxing. We used it on our tour of the south west, where we stopped off at some places just for the night, so we didn't want to faff of our drive-away awning. It gave us that extra bit of room we needed to spill out into and meant we could still cook outside when the weather was not entirely on our side. The upright posts are also height adjustable, meaning you could change the angle of the shelter, allowing rain to run off more easily, or making it more stable in the wind. Basically it is a great addition in most weather conditions! We won't go camping without it in the future! Get in touch if you need any more information on it.