Pint Sized Plans- Isle of Purbeck

A new Pint Sized Plan travel guide is available for you to read now. We traveled to the Isle of Purbeck earlier this summer and had such an amazing time. We just had to share it with you!

Read the guide to find out more!

Pint Sized Plans- Bae Ceredigion

It is here!

The first Pint Sized Plans micro-guide. We went to Cardigan Bay for a weekend this year so we’ve based the first of many guides on our time there. We’ve picked our favourite things to do and see when there.

The guides are broken down into 4 subjects:

Location- Where are we talking about?

Explore- What is there to do there?

Dwellings- Where is there to spend the night?

Tuck- Where shall we go for some good food and drink?

We are going to bring plenty more guides over the coming months and years. We’ve got a short list of locations to cover but if you have anywhere you’d like to read about then send us a message or email. For now we hope you enjoy our first ever guide.